Yuba River Charter School 6th Grade Girls Get Grooving!

Hooping for joy invigorates your body and burns calories too!
Hooping for fun invigorates your body with movement and laughter!

I had the joy of teaching my first group Hoopnotica® Hoop Dance class in Nevada City this weekend, to the 6th Grade Girls Moon Circle Group from Yuba River Charter School.  The sun and shady areas under tall pines trees offered choice places to dance, play and socialize. We had a few self-professed children and adults “not able to hula hoop” in the bunch and all were happily hooping through the class.  Hoops flew around the grass as we learned from our mistakes, and enjoyed the flight of hoops through the air for the fun of it.  We worked on dancing in the hoop, walking and turning in different directions, passing, halos, horizontal hooping, playing at different levels, and seeing how close we could hoop dance to each other and share space. The girls and their moms all had a great time.  A big “Thank you!” for inviting me to share the joy of hooping with you Yuba River Charter Moon Circle Group!  It is a privilege to bring hooping into the greater community especially for young women learning more about their bodies.  I look forward to teaching more Hoop Dance classes in Nevada City!