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Going to Farm Summer Camp

Farmers young and old exercise their bodies to prevent injury before farming

As part of Alive Physical Therapy’s collaboration with Food Love Project, we had an opportunity to lead the Farm Summer Camp children and farm workers in functional movements to prepare for a day of farming.  We made warm-up exercises more exciting by giving each movement engaging names like “giant walks,” “apple picking,” “acorn to oak tree” and “bird-dogs.”  Not only does involving the imagination make movements more fun, it also more fully engages the mind to truly stretch into a full body range of motion.  We can make injury prevention, balance and flexibility a more playful way to start the day!

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Alive PT engages youth at NEO FEST!

Saturday, July 20th, 2013 hundreds of youth and their families flocked to NEO FEST at 49er park for a celebration of youth and positivity.  This raucous event celebrates 5 years of NEO,  creating “New Events and Opportunities” for youth in Nevada County to empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices.  We were thrilled to join many other performers, bands, and activities by adding our version of fun in a HOOP.  Mags performed a quick hoop dance demonstration and lead youth in a hula hooping lesson and jam.  Boys and girls of all ages joined in on the fun.  Many eyes lit up with delight as they hooped with the candy colored circles of joy. We at Alive Physical Therapy love awakening and encouraging the inner child in all of us, with fun heart pumping activities like hula hooping.

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