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Is it OK to Leak Urine?

photo by Maegan Tintari
Many people suffer from leaking. Act early for a solution! Photo by Maegan Tintari

With the expensive costs of incontinence pads, adult diapers, soiled clothing, and social stigma, a better question would be, Are you OK with leaking urine?  If you suffer from urinary incontinence you are not alone. An estimated 25-51% of all women have leaked once in the last year, and 17-32% of women are leaking regularly with percentages increasing with age. Even though many women suffer from a weak bladder, you don’t need to live with it!

Recently extreme intensity workouts like Cross-Fit are glorifying leaking.  While leaking is common in some circles, it is NEVER normal.  For a doctor to accept leaking or merely suggest pads does their patient a disservice.  Leaking urine is treatable with conservative measures.  The sooner you accept that leaking is a problem, and act to heal your pelvis, the more effective the treatments can be.  The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get, and incontinence increases with age.

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