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Going to Farm Summer Camp

Farmers young and old exercise their bodies to prevent injury before farming

As part of Alive Physical Therapy’s collaboration with Food Love Project, we had an opportunity to lead the Farm Summer Camp children and farm workers in functional movements to prepare for a day of farming.  We made warm-up exercises more exciting by giving each movement engaging names like “giant walks,” “apple picking,” “acorn to oak tree” and “bird-dogs.”  Not only does involving the imagination make movements more fun, it also more fully engages the mind to truly stretch into a full body range of motion.  We can make injury prevention, balance and flexibility a more playful way to start the day!

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Keeping Farmers Farming

This morning I woke up with a leisurely ride through Nevada City rolling foothills passing small farms, horse stables, and country homes.   Today was the first day of Morning Movement for Farmers on the Food Love Farm.  It was such a pleasure to spend the morning with this group of strong young passionate women and men. The sun warmed our bodies as we stretched and strengthened our hips, back, shoulder, and necks.

Farming is notorious for being “back breaking” work, and hard on the body.  Alive Physical Therapy wants to refute this notion. Though it can be physically challenging, there is no reason why healthy bodies shouldn’t be able to sustain manual work for decades with proper care and training.  I am thrilled to partner with Food Love Project and the Living Lands Agrarian Network to educate farmers how to sustain their bodies through a lifetime of farming.  For those of you that don’t know, Living Lands provides training and mentorship to aspiring small scale farmers in Nevada County.   Food Love Project is one of the Living Lands offshoots, and is an is an educational farm designed to share the love of fresh, local, seasonal, whole foods with the community, partnering with local schools. Alive PT will provide a range of services  and classes from morning warm-ups, self-care workshops, and private treatment to prevent and treat injury.  By teaching young farmers more efficient and comfortable ways of using their bodies, we are sewing the seeds of prevention and partnering to create a sustainable food economy and healthy bodies.  I hope to open the classes to other local farmers and gardeners on a donation basis, allowing access to healthcare eyond rehab  into a life lived more fully.

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