Our therapeutic services provide one- on-one individualized care in a relaxing environment.  Leave your worries behind and escape into luxurious pampering.

 Maya Abdominal Massage  Tone, strenthen, and soothe your reproductive organs and digestive tract.

Full Body Massage  Unwind with your choice of massage styles: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Asian,  Accupressure, and more.

V-Steam A facial for your vagina.  Sit and relax as herbal steam envelops your body inside and out. Softens and moistens the cervix. Especially cleansing and therapeutic  just before or after menses, or prior to pregnancy or IVF treatments.

Personal Fitness Nothing gets you results faster.  With private training you we exercise in a manner that targets your goals and your physical history and strengths.  No bullying, push positivity.