Physical Therapy

  • Significantly improves individuals’ mobility to perform daily activities.
  • Provide an alternative to painful and expensive surgery.
  • Help individuals manage or eliminate their pain, in many cases without long-term use of prescription medication and exposure to its side effects.

Physical therapists are specialized experts in evaluation and treatment of movement disorders of the musculoskeletal system.  We know how to figure out what is going wrong mechanically to treat and prevent pain, injury, and debilitation.  PT’s get you MOVING again!  We understand how the muscles, bones, nerves and soft tissues interact and how to get your body to move more efficiently, smoothly, and comfortably.  Our main research metric is FUNCTION, we collaborate with you to focus on your personal goals whether it’s being able to reach the pen you dropped on the floor, lift your grandbaby up high, walk and laugh comfortably without leaking, or have comfortable intercourse with your partner.  We use a variety of tools to assist in treatment, but the most important are your PT’s eyes, brain, and hands.  Your physical therapist has not only achieved an advanced professional degree, but has spent thousands of hours in continuing education to bring the most in depth and currently used techniques to get you better fast.  Physical therapists use every facet of their training to evaluate and treat clients, promoting and enhancing health through the life span.

We have a range of treatment experience, specializing in women’s health and pelvic physical therapy, and fitness and more including neurologic, orthopedics and sports medicine.  We can guide you from a place of pain, to recovery, wellness, and prevention of future health issues.

We offer individualized physical therapy for

We treat a wide variety of diagnoses from head to toe for men and women of all ages.

Diagnoses we treat