Reblog: Much More to Healing Post-Partum Than Baby Weight- WSJ

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Pregnant Family


Women who have just delivered a baby are worried about their child, their parenting skills, and how to take off “baby weight.”  Often the soft belly that never quite looks the same again is NOT fat,  it’s a split in the abdominal muscles.  Medically known as diastisis recti, or for lay people “Mummy Tummy” requires specific care to heal properly. If you do hundreds of sit-ups to try to tighten the abs, the bulge will get worse, and it may not go away!  I often treat women in the 50’s and 60’s who still have a diastasis recti.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered the many medical concerns that new moms and dads may not be thinking about, and when left untreated, may lead to more serious health effects.  Scar tissue, alignment, pelvic and back pain, incontinence, and mummy tummy are all discussed. They give some great advice about what to look out for, and when to seek treatment.  Coming up in a future post, I will discuss some tricks for self- treatment and how to avoid making things worse!

I’m so glad that I can teach new moms how to safely strengthen their bodies in Post-Natal Fit with Baby. Together we have the opportunity to heal and prevent further injury by improving the strength and alignment we have NOW.

Here’s the link to the article!  Wall Street Journal “Bigger Post-Partum Challenges than Baby Weight”