Hula Hoop Fitness

When was the last time you laughed on the treadmill?
When was the last time you laughed on the treadmill?

Hula Hooping or just “Hooping” is a weight-loss tool that is fun to use, highly satisfying, safe, portable, and has been proven effective by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Hoopnotica® fitness hoops are easy for learning and can be used with your friends, family members and children for fun playtime that combats obesity.  Hooping silently burns over 400 calories an hour and can have amazing, life-altering effects on your fitness, health, well-being and confidence.  Our classes are appropriate for all levels and ages.

Let us know where you want to see Alive PT Hoopnotica classes or performances.  We are performing at festivals and venues all over town this summer to promote our new class schedule.  We can bring Hoopnotica Hoop Dance to your next event, school, or workplace.  If you want to join any of our classes but can only come at a different time, let us know!  We are always planning when to add another class for Hoopers.   Call 530-362-8181 for scheduling and pre-registration.   Also check our blog for hoop related entries.


Hoop Day Morning

Wake up and warm up with hoop fitness. This morning class combines Pilates elements with Hoop Dance to strengthen your core, back, shoulders, arms and legs while adding a fun element of hula hoop.  Leave feeling energized, grounded, and smiling.

Tuesday Mornings 9am, Nevada City, CA.  Please call 530-362-8181 for reservations and location.

 Hoop Fit and Dance

Move your body to an upbeat mix of music for an hour of fun.  We will practice on-the-body

and off-the-body moves that lubricate the joints to express an inner strength.  We will also show you how to incorporate the joy of hooping into your everyday life.

Thursday Nights 7:30pm (On Hold, Call ifyou are intersted)   at Core Movement Center, in the Seven Hills Business District, 578 Searls Ave., Nevada City, CA

Hoopnotica Hooping is for real, and it works for real people just like you! As the success stories below attest, hooping with Hoopnotica® can be life-changing.  Even if you have never hooped before, by the end of one  Hoop Fitness class we guarantee you will be able to hula hoop and had fun or your money back!  So stop hoping things will change, take action and start hooping today!


“Mags is an outstanding teacher. Her classes are fun and joyful and she breaks down the moves in such a way that I learn much more rapidly than with previous instruction. Hooping has improved my posture and strengthened my core muscles, I don’t have low back pain anymore, it is great exercise that feels like play.” –Heidi Rose

“Mags is an exceptional hoop instructor. She is so sweet and present and her classes have been fun, diverse, well-paced, with plenty of clear instruction when you want to figure out, “HOW do you do that move?”, as well as good exercise!! Plus, being a PT, you get the feeling she knows what she’s talking about.” –Julie Madrona

“Hooping first and foremost helped me believe in myself. It gave me a sense of confidence, accomplishment and discipline that I’d never had before. My life before hooping was very difficult. I didn’t have that self-esteem, that confidence to go out to go out and enjoy life. I decided to set realistic goals. Before [hooping] I’d always made commitments that were too large to manage, like, I’m going to go to the gym for five hours a day and go on the treadmill. I decided I was going to try hooping for just 15 minutes a day for a month.”

—Jen Moore, Hoopnotica® Director of Teacher Training, lost 150 lbs hooping
“I want to inspire people who feel hopeless. I thought at a very young age that I was going to be fat for the rest of my life. I thought I was at the point of no return—I was ready to give up—but I did it! I want other people who feel hopeless to know it’s not the end and that they can help themselves too!”

—Sara Brinkley, Hoopnotica® Instructor, lost 88 lbs hooping