A Strong Core will help with EVERYTHING you do! CC license by user devil_pl

Core Power!

A strong core will help with EVERYTHING you do!   Strengthen your body from the inside out by working on the muscles of your CORE your back, abdominals, hips and shoulders.

This 55 minute strengthening class fires up your internal engine, and tunes up every joint for efficient movement, decreasing muscle strain and joint pain.  We integrate the latest in physical therapy rehabilitation with  Pilates, yoga, and qigong principles to give you a great workout!

Appropriate for all bodies of all ages, from Pre-natal strengthening, improving posture as you age, and powering up for any sport or activity. Physical therapist Mags Matthews brings 14 years of teaching experience to this fun energizing class.

First timers- Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for initial assessment and orientation.


Tuesdays 12noon at the Nest Classroom.  $15 drop-in, $50 4- pass, 80 8-pass


Image: CC license by devil_pl