Direct Access? Californians do not need a doctor’s referral for PT!

On January 1, 2014, California Assembly Bill 1000 took effect, giving patients direct access to physical therapists. This means that you can now go directly to your physical therapist without a diagnosis from your doctor first, getting you the treatment you need more quickly.  If you sprain your ankle you can get treated the same day!  With any injury, aches, or pain, the more time passes, the more likely you will feel negative effects. For example with an ankle sprain, without treatment you are likely to limp for longer, and stress other joints such as the toes, knee, hips, and back. Even as the pain goes away compensation patterns can translate into other injuries and over use down the line.  Once an area is injured, that part of the body is more prone to injury, unless you are vigilant about rehabilitating the area.  Now there is no need to go down that path! If you have any acute injuries or falls, you can treat it now. If you are experiencing pelvic or back pain, leaking, or sexual dysfunction you can see a physical therapist and take care of it.

photo credit J.J. Verhoef
Hurt yourself while playing?  Don’t wait, Treat it now!                                    photo credit J.J. Verhoef

A physical therapist is able to treat a patient without diagnosis or referral from a doctor for 45 days or 12 visits, whichever comes first. Physical therapists are highly trained in their trade, enabling them to determine the nature of your problem and get right to treatment.

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