“I have suffered from pelvic pain since the 1960’s.  I was not able to sit or walk comfortably.  Margaret has been an amazing partner in recovery.  She is so smart and compassionate to work with during a very stressful time in my life.  She helped me find ways of controlling my pain and exercises to strengthen my core.  I’ve been able to get my life back again!  I would recommend her to anyone for physical therapy.”  — AP

“Ms Matthews is an excellent resource for women suffering from Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP). She is sensitive and caring as well as knowledgeable and experienced. I refer my patients who live in that area to her.”– Dr. Priscilla Abercrombie, RN, NP, PhD, AHN-BC, Assistant Health Sciences Professor UCSF, Pelvic Pain Clinic at the UCSF Women’s Health Center

“I didn’t want to trust it at first, but my pain has been entirely gone since our first visit.  I can’t believe I suffered for so long before I found you.  You are a miracle worker.” — RJ

Any woman that is pregnant, wants to become pregnant, has been pregnant, or has a bladder should check this out. I have had 6 sessions with Alive Physical Therapy during my pregnancy and my chronic back pain, bladder problems and pelvic pressure are gone! I am 8 months pregnant and feel better than I have in 5 years!! Very reasonably priced, diverse expertise, extremely professional and caring, & they take insurance!”  -JD

“Margaret Yen-Chuang Matthews is a gifted healer whom we’re blessed to have practicing in our community here in Nevada County. In one treatment she was able to alleviate the pain I had been experiencing for many weeks. Her credentials are excellent, her skills are cutting edge, and her manner is soft, delicate, gracious, and deft. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering any sort of pelvic disorder.” –JR

“You are the best physical therapist I have ever had.  After 2 years of pain, seeing 6 doctors and 3 other therapists I finally understand why I am hurting.  I actually have hope for the future.  I’m able to enjoy time with my family instead of being grumpy all the time.” — LL

“I was leaking urine every time I laughed, sneezed, and bent over.  It was so embarassing.  I was so self-conscious of smelling like pee. Now that Mags has taught me how to properly use my pelvic  floor muscles I no longer leak!” — TD

“Dr. Matthews was adept at modifying my physical therapy exercises so they would be of maximum benefit, but also fit into my personality and lifestyle (so I would actually doing them). She is flexible in her approach—we worked together to develop a program that would fit with my personality and lifestle (so that I would actually do the exercises).
Pelvic pain in a difficult and often a problem that people suffer in silence. Dr. Matthews is empathetic; I left our sessions feeling empowered, with an actual plan to improve. She approaches the problem from multiple angles (from movement to diet to stress). She is committed to setting achievable goals. She blends a rare mix of passion for the science behind pelvic pain with an empathy for this difficult and under-discussed problem.” –CM


I was going to the bathroom every 20 minutes.  My boyfriend joked that I had a secret life in there.  I could barely make it through a work meeting, and going to the movies was not an option.  Half my life focused on finding the next bathroom.  Now, I live life normally.  I have my home exercise program and I’m off coffee.  I have extra hours in my day, time that I’m NOT in the bathroom! — AW

“I have been doing pilates with Margaret for the past 6 years. Before I started, I didn’t even know what the core was! Now we have regular sessions, building  the core muscles of the body. Every session with Margaret is unique. I am surprised, after all of these years, how she still comes up with new moves! Margaret is very attentive when it comes to body positioning. She makes sure that I am aligned correctly in each move to avoid injuries. Her guided vocals are slow, clear and equipped with colorful metaphors. She is an excellent communicator, which helps me to visualize all the little muscles and positions she wants me to focus on during the session! She asks her students what area of the body we want to work on each week and customizes the session according to our focus, and also our energy level. For example, one week we may be very motivated and end up sweating a storm. The other week we may have just had a big pie lunch and we have a session more focused on stretching and weights. No matter what, i always feel the adrenaline pumping up my body for a motivated and energized day! Margaret is a very positive, caring and attentive teacher.” –Sheila S.

“I wanted to say thank you for loosening my L4/5 disks.  I feel so much better.  I can’t believe what a difference it makes for my movement!  I feel like I’ve been mostly pain free.   I’m so happy that I’ve been able to work with you.  I feel like you really understand the function and challenges of my body.  I think you’re an incredible therapist!”– N G

“I have enjoyed Margaret’s services for many years now.  The first time we met, she was putting on a hula hooping dance show for a group of people- and I was extremely impressed!  She inspired me to purchase my own hoop, and was very patient in giving me lessons.  What a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time!  I have also had the pleasure of attending a number of her pilates classes.  I had never done pilates prior to meeting Margaret, but she makes the sessions interesting and I quickly came to learn the benefits of pilates.  Margaret gives good verbal instruction throughout the session, and has a soothing voice.  Great for beginners like myself (and more advanced people as well)!  Furthermore, Margaret has helped me with physical therapy.  In 2008 I was having chronic pains in my neck from bad computer posture.  She taught me several stretches and moves to help with the issue. I’m happy to say the chronic pain is gone.  Recently I’ve been having computer pains in my right arm and shoulder blade.  I turned to Margaret for assistance.  She gave me a real massage (hard pressure and hitting exactly the right spot, so that healing actually occurs!) and taught me some stretches to alleviate the pain.  I’m feeling better already!  I highly recommend Margaret for her professional service with a smile!” –Lisa S

“Mags is an exceptional hoop instructor. She is so sweet and present and her classes have been fun, diverse, well-paced, with plenty of clear instruction when you want to figure out, “HOW do you do that move?”, as well as good exercise!! Plus, being a PT, you get the feeling she knows what she’s talking about.”–Julie M

“Within minutes of the start of the class I was learning new [hula hoop] tricks that I didn’t think I ever could do.” – Peter S

“Pregnancy is supposed to be happy glowing moms getting ready for their baby.  I was miserable, I couldn’t visit my family or go out.  Just getting through my work day was tough.  After 2 sessions my back pain was gone,  after 4 I felt stronger with better posture.  I can finally enjoy my pregnancy without worry”  AM