Our Values

At Alive Physical Therapy we are committed to creating a healthier, more sustainable world.

  • We believe that good health, clean air and water, and healthy food should be rights rather than a privilege.
  • All people have the right to feel ALIVE in their bodies, and these days physical exercise is a major missing component.
  • Education is power and all should have access to knowledge about their bodies.
  • Local actions create the largest effect for our communities, and ripple globally.

We build our business choices based on these beliefs because actions are stronger than words. We are dedicated to the prevention of physical disease in all communities especially women, children, and the elderly.  We provide low-cost or no-cost wellness courses to under-served communities. We hire local and spend local, supporting local businesses and community groups. We use  non-toxic, recycled, and eco-friendly products whenever possible.  We strive to use the least resources to find the most gain for the community. We feel privileged to serve and participate in Nevada County communities.

 “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Benjamin Franklin

We enjoyed the privilege of leading prenatal health and exercise courses at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley, The NEST in Nevada City, and Homeless Prenatal in San Francisco, as well as Hoop Dance classes with the 6th Grade Girls at Yuba River Charter School,  Girl Scouts, and Community Asian Theater of the Sierras (CATS). We regularly suppor our local farmers growing organic produce at Early Bird Farm, and Food Love Project with Sierra Harvest by providing body mechanics classes to prevent injury and individual treatments when needed.

Community groups and organizations we have supported with services or financial donations include, but not limited to