At Alive Physical Therapy,  we bring you beyond rehabinto a life lived more fully.

We are Nevada County’s premiere center for pelvic rehabilitation,  women’s and men’s health, wellness and fitness.  We support your health at every phase, from pre-conception, to maternity, menopause and beyond.  We disrupt the cycles of pain and discomfort to guide you to a more energetic family, work, and sex life. Our therapists stay alert to current medical research and fitness trends.  We use scientific evidence as the basis for all our treatments, and support any healing path you chose.  We work closely with your team of medical providers to make sure that all therapuetic care is in line with your health diagnoses and treatment.  Are you are looking for massage, strength, or healing? Relax in our soothing private environment while getting the best in traditional and current methods of rehabilitation.


Margaret Yen- Chuang Matthews, PT(physical therapist, pilates instructor, founder)

Stu Chuang Matthews (Office Manager)