wikiphoto creative commons licensePilates   (peh-lah-teez)

Pilates strengthens the body from the inside out by working on the muscles of your back, abdominals, hips and shoulders. Strong core muscle activation allows each joint to be more efficient and decreases muscle strain and joint pain during any activity.

Pilates is similar to yoga. Both forms of exercise develop muscles with strength and flexibility forming long lean muscles that dancers and athletes love. Both demand the participant develop a mind- body awareness of what the body is doing and include breathing as an important component of exercise. Pilates differs from yoga in that it comes from a therapeutic basis which make it ideal for rehabilitation, and yoga has more of a spiritual basis, making is excellent for stress relief. For more on the history of Pilates click here. Pilates is unique in its ability to balance muscles across joints to target previous injuries while strengthening the whole body. This makes Pilates ideal for alleviating, hip, back, knee, shoulder, and ankle pain.

Our Pilates trainers have gone through a rigorous anatomically based training certification and are encouraged to pursue continuing education to stay abreast of new techniques and research. We offer private and group mat and equipment training sessions using the top of the line Balanced Body equipment including the Reformer, Tower, Smart Spine, and others. We love creating sport specific individual programs to sharpen your competitive edge.  For golf, dance, tennis, cycling, runners, swimmers, gardeners, office workers and MORE.  Let us know your fitness goals so we can customize a program for you.

Private Pilates (1 student)- $80/hour session
Semi-Private (2 students)- $45/ hour session per person
Group Mat Classes  – $15 drop in, $50 for series of 4 classes, $80 for 8 classes

Core Power Tuesdays at noon and Sundays 9am. Call for details 530-362-8181



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